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layer of smooth muscle tissue +  
muscular coat +  
A region of muscle in many organs in the vertebrate body, adjacent to the submucosa membrane. It is responsible for gut movement such as peristalsis.
myocardium +  

Exact Synonyms: muscular layer ;   muscularis layer
Related Synonyms: muscularis ;   muscularis externa ;   muscularis propria ;   transverse muscular fibers ;   tunica externa ;   tunica muscularis
Xrefs: BTO:0004838 ;   SCTID:86915006 ;   UMLS:C0225358 ;   Wikipedia:Muscular_layer
Cyclic Relationships: mutually_spatially_disjoint_with mutually_spatially_disjoint_with UBERON:0000009 ;   mutually_spatially_disjoint_with mutually_spatially_disjoint_with UBERON:0006676
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Muscular_layer

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