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accessory optic system +  
alveolar system +  
aortic system +  
autonomic nervous system +  
baleen feeding system +  
biliary system +  
cardiovascular system +  
central nervous system +  
chromaffin system +  
circulatory organ +  
circulatory system dorsal vessel +  
closed circulatory system +  
enteric nervous system +  
hepatobiliary system +  
insect embryonic/larval circulatory system +  
insect region of integument +  
insect segmental subdivision of organ system 
insect stomatogastric nervous system 
integument +  
left lung alveolar system +  
limbic system +  
lower urinary tract +  
lymph node +  
lymphatic part of lymphoid system +  
An organ system subdivision that is a network of vessels capable of removing accumulating protein and fluid from the interstitial space and returning it to the vascular space. In some species, this network is connected to the immune system via lymph nodes and lymphocyte-producing organs, with the whole being the lymphoid system.
lymphocyte domain +  
lymphoid tissue +  
musculature +  
musculature of body +  
neural system +  
non-lymphatic part of lymphoid system +  
open circulatory system 
parasympathetic nervous system +  
peripheral nervous system +  
pulmonary part of lymphatic system +  
renin-angiotensin system 
right lung alveolar system +  
sallet sensory system 
skeletal system +  
somatic nervous system +  
special sense organ system 
subdivision of skeletal system +  
subdivision of skeleton +  
sympathetic nervous system +  
upper urinary tract +  
visual processing part of nervous system +  

Exact Synonyms: lymphatic system ;   lymphatic tree system
Related Synonyms: lymporeticular system
Xrefs: AAO:0010522 ;   CALOHA:TS-2024 ;   EFO:0000870 ;   EMAPA:18248 ;   FMA:7162 ;   MA:0002961 ;   MESH:D008208 ;   SCTID:362597000 ;   VHOG:0001761 ;   Wikipedia:Lymphatic_system
relational_adjective: lymporeticular
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