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mammary gland fluid/secretion (UBERON:0006539)
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anal sac gland secretion 
esophagus secretion 
gastric juice 
intestine secretion 
mammary gland fluid/secretion +  
A substance that is secreted by a mammary gland. The substance may differ depending on phase, with colostrum produced during pregancy/early lactation, and milk produced afterwards.
mucus +  
pancreas secretion +  
pancreatic juice 
preen oil 
sebum +  
secretion of Harderian gland 
secretion of lacrimal gland 
secretion of nictitans gland 
secretion of serous gland +  
seminal fluid +  
sweat +  
tear film 
venom +  
vernix caseosa 

Related Synonyms: lactiferous gland fluid ;   lactiferous gland secretion ;   mammary gland fluid ;   mammary gland secreted fluid ;   mammary gland secretion ;   secretion of mammary gland
Xrefs: EMAPA:36538 ;   MA:0002505
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