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subcardinal vein (UBERON:0006296)
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embryo +    
vein +    
accessory hemiazygos vein 
accessory vertebral vein 
allantois of embryonic urinary system 
anterior facial vein 
anterior vertebral vein 
auditory hillocks +  
axillary vein 
azygos vein +  
basiotic bone 
blastula +  
brachial vein 
brachiocephalic vein +  
bronchial vein 
buccopharyngeal membrane +  
cardinal vein +  
cartilaginous neural arch +  
caudal humeral circumflex vein 
cerebellar vein +  
cerebral vein +  
cleaving embryo +  
cutaneous vein 
cutaneus magnus 
cystic vein 
deep facial vein 
deep vein +  
deferent duct vein 
digital vein +  
dorsal longitudinal vein 
dorsal metatarsal vein 
dorsal vein of penis +  
dorsal venous arch 
ductus venosus +  
early embryo +  
early premaxilla +  
embryo portion of umbilical vein 
embryonic capillary plexus 
embryonic cement gland 
embryonic cloaca +  
embryonic cloacal fold +  
embryonic head +  
embryonic intraretinal space 
embryonic lymph heart 
embryonic structure +  
embryonic tagma +  
endothelium of vein +  
entire embryonic mesenchyme +  
epigastric vein +  
extraembryonic umbilical vein +  
femoral vein 
foramen ovale of heart +  
gastric vein +  
gastrula +  
gonadal vein 
hemiazygos vein 
iliac vein +  
iliolumbar vein 
indifferent external genitalia +  
insect cardiogenic mesoderm +  
insect embryonic segment +  
intercostal vein +  
interlobar vein 
internal mammary vein 
intersomitic vein +  
interventricular foramen of heart 
Jacobson's vein 
jugular vein +  
lacrimal vein 
laryngotracheal groove 
late embryo +  
lateral marginal vein 
lateral vein +  
left anterior vena cava +  
lens pit 
lingual vein 
lymph node vein 
masseteric vein 
maxillary vein 
medial circumflex femoral vein 
medial marginal vein 
median axial vein 
median sacral vein 
meningeal vein 
mesencephalic vein 
mesenteric vein +  
morula +  
Mullerian duct +  
naso-frontal vein 
neurula embryo 
nutrient foramen vein 
obturator vein 
olfactory pit +  
oronasal cavity +  
ovarian vein +  
oviducal vein 
parotid vein 
pectoral vein 
pelvic vein 
penile bulb vein 
pericardiacophrenic vein 
perineal vein 
peritoneal vaginal process +  
pharyngeal arch system +  
phrenic vein +  
placental vein 
popliteal vein 
portal vein +  
postcaval vein 
posterior external jugular vein 
precaval vein 
prepyloric vein 
primary choana 
primary head vein +  
primitive heart tube +  
primitive marginal sinus 
prinicipal vein of limb +  
proamniotic cavity +  
pubic vein 
pudendal vein +  
pulmonary vein +  
pupillary membrane 
renal portal vein 
renal vein +  
respiratory system venous blood vessel +  
right anterior vena cava 
scapula cartilage element +  
sigmoid vein 
spinal vein 
splenic vein 
subcardinal vein +  
A vein in the mammalian embryo or the adult of some lower vertebrates that is located on each side of the abdominal region ventromedial to the mesonephros and that in mammals participates in the formation of the inferior vena cava and the renal vein.
subclavian vein 
subcostal vein +  
subintestinal vein 
subscapular vein 
superficial vein +  
superior laryngeal vein 
supracardinal vein +  
supraintestinal vein 
suprarenal vein +  
suprascapular vein 
systemic vein +  
tail vein +  
testicular vein +  
thoracic cavity vein +  
thoracic vein +  
thoracodorsal vein 
thymic vein 
thyroid vein +  
tibial vein +  
trans-choroid plexus branch 
transformed vein +  
transverse facial vein 
tributary of central retinal vein 
tunica adventitia of vein 
tunica intima of vein 
tunica media of vein 
umbilical vein +  
ureteric vein 
urethral vein 
uveal vein +  
vaginal vein 
vein of abdomen +  
vein of appendix 
vein of clitoris +  
vein of genicular venous plexus 
vein of hindlimb zeugopod +  
vein of lip +  
vein of trabecular bone 
vein of vestibular aqueduct 
venous valve +  
ventral abdominal vein 
vertebral vein +  
vesical vein +  
vestibular bulb vein 
vulval vein 

Xrefs: EHDAA:2631 ;   EMAPA:16829 ;   NCI:C34307 ;   SCTID:308830006 ;   UMLS:C0231088 ;   VHOG:0001336
Definition Sources:, ISBN:0073040584

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