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anterior ectodermal midgut 
choledocho-duodenal junction 
cloaca +  
digestive tract epithelium +  
enteric musculature +  
esophagogastric junction +  
food storage organ +  
foregut-midgut junction +  
An anatomical junctions that overlaps the foregut and midgut.
forestomach-glandular stomach junction 
gastroduodenal junction +  
gastrointestinal system mucosa +  
gland of digestive tract +  
gut wall +  
gut-associated lymphoid tissue +  
intestinal junction +  
intestinal-cloacal junction 
lumen of digestive tract 
mouth-foregut junction +  
muscular coat of digestive tract +  
palatoglossal arch 
pancreatic epithelial bud +  
subdivision of digestive tract +  
submucosa of digestive tract +  

Xrefs: EHDAA2:0000569 ;   EHDAA:526 ;   EMAPA:16363 ;   VHOG:0000291
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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