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abdominal segment of trunk +  
arthropod tagma +  
caudal region +  
Subdivision of an organism along anterior-posterior axis that is the posteriormost region, extending past the anus (or cloaca, if present), consisting of a tail in some fully formed chordates (or a tail bud in embryos). In animals that have a sacral region, this is the region immediately posterior to this.
cervical region +  
head +  
hindlimb +  
pelvic appendage bud +  
post-anal tail tip 
sacral region +  
synarcual region +  
tail +  
thoracic segment of trunk +  
trunk +  

Related Synonyms: post-anal caudal region ;   post-anal tail region ;   postsacral region ;   tail region
Xrefs: XAO:0000087
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