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zone of bone organ (UBERON:0005913)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
bone element +    
zone of organ +    
accessory bone +  
anal column 
anterior subdivision of masseter 
apical region of heart ventricle +  
auricular cartilage +  
basal zone of heart 
base of prostate 
basibranchial bone +  
body of gallbladder 
body of uterus 
bone collagen fibril 
bone foramen +  
bone fossa +  
bone marrow +  
bone of appendage girdle complex +  
bone of craniocervical region +  
bone of dorsum +  
bone of hip region +  
bone of reproductive organ +  
bone of tail 
bone tissue +  
cartilage of external acoustic meatus 
cavity of bone organ +  
central zone of prostate 
cetacean involucrum 
costodiaphragmatic recess 
deep part of temporalis 
diaphragma sellae 
duodenal papilla +  
endochondral bone +  
fenestra +  
fin bone +  
flat bone +  
GuĂ©rin's valve 
intramembranous bone +  
irregular bone +  
lacrimal sac +  
laryngeal prominence 
laryngeal ventricle 
lens fiber 
lens nucleus 
liver papillary process 
long bone +  
mediastinal pleura 
membrane bone +  
neck of organ +  
omentum +  
os basale 
periosteum +  
peripheral zone of prostate 
pneumatized bone +  
pole of lens +  
posterior subdivision of masseter 
protuberance +  
rectouterine fold 
replacement bone +  
short bone +  
superficial part of masseter muscle +  
superficial part of temporalis 
supraneural bone +  
supratendinal bridge 
suprazygomatic part of temporalis 
surface of bone +  
transition zone of prostate 
transverse fold of rectum 
trunk bone +  
tuberculum sellae 
upper part of cisterna chyli 
urethral crest +  
zone of bone organ +  
zone of skin +  
zone of stomach +  
 body of rib +  
 condyle +  
 epicondyle +  
 head of rib +  
 iliac blade +  
 pubic ramus +  

Exact Synonyms: bone organ zone
Xrefs: FMA:10483

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