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pharyngeal cleft (UBERON:0005879)
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surface groove +    
choanal groove 
ciliated pit +  
intertragic incisure 
interventricular groove +  
laryngotracheal groove 
metotic fissure 
nasolabial groove 
nuchal groove 
optic fissure 
optic pit 
pharyngeal cleft +  
An external pocketing of pharyngeal ectoderm that contacts a region of endoderm (a pharyngeal pouch) and interdigitates in the anterior and posterior directions by the pharyngeal arches.
sulcus intermedius 
sulcus limitans of neural tube +  
sulcus ypsiloniformis 
ventral sulcus 
ventral throat pleat 

Exact Synonyms: pharyngeal groove ;   pharyngeal groove ectoderm
Narrow Synonyms: gill cleft
Related Synonyms: Kiemenspalten ;   branchial cleft ;   branchial groove ;   pharyngeal ectodermal cleft ;   pharyngeal slit ;   sulcus pharyngei
Xrefs: AAO:0010623 ;   EMAPA:32750 ;   FMA:295672 ;   NCI:C34250 ;   UMLS:C1280559 ;   Wikipedia:Pharyngeal_groove
Definition Sources:, PMID:23020903

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