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abdominal segment of trunk +  
arthropod tagma +  
caudal region +  
cervical region +  
fallopian tube +  
femoral canal 
gluteal sulcus 
head +  
intergluteal cleft 
ovarian fossa 
pelvic girdle region +  
pelvic region element +  
pelvic wall 
pelvis blood vessel +  
pelvis connective tissue 
pelvis nerve +  
post-anal tail tip 
sacral region +  
A subdivision of an organism along the anterior-posterior axis in the pelvic region immediately posterior to the lumbar region and anterior to the caudal region. Sometimes an intermediate region is defined between the sacral and caudal.
skin of pelvis +  
synarcual region +  
tail +  
thoracic segment of trunk +  
trunk +  
vesical venous plexus 

Exact Synonyms: back of pelvis ;   pelvic back ;   posterior part of pelvis ;   regio sacralis ;   sacral part of pelvis
Narrow Synonyms: croup ;   hindquarter ;   rump
Xrefs: FMA:24228 ;   SCTID:182344001 ;   Wikipedia:Sacrum
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