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abdominal aorta artery +  
anterior communicating artery 
aortic sac +  
basilar artery 
brachiocephalic artery +  
bronchial artery 
cardiac vein +  
carotid artery segment +  
carotid duct 
caudal division of the internal carotid artery 
cerebral artery +  
circle of Willis +  
circumflex branch of left coronary artery 
common carotid artery plus branches +  
common hepatic artery +  
common penile artery +  
coronary artery +  
coronary capillary 
coronary sinus 
cranial division of the internal carotid artery 
deep artery of penis 
deep circumflex iliac artery 
deep external pudendal artery 
dorsal artery of penis 
ductus arteriosus +  
A fetal blood vessel connecting the pulmonary artery with the descending aorta[MESH]. In the developing fetus, the ductus arteriosus is a shunt connecting the pulmonary artery to the aortic arch. It allows most of the blood from the right ventricle to bypass the fetus' fluid-filled lungs, protecting the lungs from being overworked and allowing the left ventricle to strengthen. There are two other fetal shunts, the ductus venosus and the foramen ovale[MP]. the fetal vessel that connects the left pulmonary artery with the descending aorta; the ductus arteriosus normally regresses into a fibrous cord, the ligamentum arteriousum after birth[MP].
ductus venosus +  
esophageal artery 
future internal carotid artery +  
hypobranchial vessel 
ileal artery 
iliac artery +  
inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery 
intercostal artery +  
internal thoracic artery +  
lateral dorsal aorta canal 
lateral pretrosal artery +  
left channel of ventral aorta 
mammary branch of internal thoracic artery 
mandibular artery 
muscular artery 
nutrient foramen artery 
outflow tract aortic component +  
outflow tract cardiac jelly 
outflow tract endothelium 
outflow tract myocardium 
outflow tract of atrium +  
outflow tract of ventricle +  
outflow tract pericardium 
outflow tract pulmonary component +  
outflow tract septum +  
outflow tract smooth muscle 
oviduct artery 
penile bulb artery 
phrenic artery +  
posterior choroidal artery 
posterior communicating artery 
posterior inferior cerebellar artery 
primordial vasculature +  
pulmonary artery +  
remnant of left anterior vena cava 
right channel of ventral aorta 
spinal artery +  
subclavian artery +  
subcostal artery 
superficial epigastric artery 
superficial external pudendal artery 
superior rectal artery 
suprascapular artery 
temporal branch of lateral pretrosal artery 
thyrocervical artery +  
truncus arteriosus +  
ureteric segment of renal artery +  

Exact Synonyms: ductus Botallo
Related Synonyms: Botallo's duct ;   arterial canal ;   arterial duct ;   ductus arteriosis ;   ductus arteriosum ;   ductus botalli ;   ductus layton ;   fetal ductus arteriosus
Xrefs: EFO:0002515 ;   EHDAA2:0000420 ;   EHDAA:6462 ;   EMAPA:17858 ;   FMA:79871 ;   MA:0001947 ;   MESH:D004373 ;   NCI:C52854 ;   SCTID:253684002 ;   UMLS:C0013273 ;   VHOG:0000923 ;   Wikipedia:Ductus_arteriosus ;   galen:DuctusArteriosus
Definition Sources: MESH:A07.541.278.395, MP:0010564, Wikipedia:Ductus_arteriosus

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