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ventricle of nervous system (UBERON:0005358)
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adventitia +  
arachnoid barrier layer 
arthropod sensillum +  
blood brain barrier +  
blood nerve barrier 
blood vessel layer +  
blood vessel layer of choroid +  
capillary layer of choroid 
central nervous system +  
chemosensory organ +  
dermal layer of tongue 
developing neuroepithelium +  
fibrous membrane of synovial tendon sheath 
ganglion +  
ganglionic eminence +  
glymphatic system 
Haller's layer 
heart layer +  
hepatic cord +  
insect adult nervous system +  
insect embryonic/larval nervous system +  
integumentary system layer +  
intestinal villus +  
lamina of omasum 
lamina propria +  
layer of dura mater +  
layer of muscle tissue +  
layer of sclera +  
membranous layer +  
mucosa +  
muscle spindle +  
nerve plexus +  
nervous system cell part layer +  
neural system +  
neural tissue 
neuroendocrine gland +  
neuron projection bundle +  
parietal pleura +  
parietal serous membrane +  
perineural vascular plexus 
peripheral nervous system +  
photoreceptor array +  
regional part of nervous system +  
Sattler's layer 
scleral lamina cribrosa 
segmental subdivision of nervous system +  
submucosa +  
subserosa +  
suprachoroid lamina 
tela choroidea +  
tendon sheath +  
tunica fibrosa of eyeball +  
tunica intima +  
uvea +  
ventral midline 
ventricle of nervous system +  
A layer in the central nervous system that lines system of communicating cavities in the brain and spinal cord.
visceral serous membrane +  
visual processing part of nervous system +  

Exact Synonyms: ventricular layer
Related Synonyms: region of wall of ventricular system of neuraxis
Xrefs: EMAPA:35209 ;   FMA:242770
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