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breast +    
chest organ +    
mammary gland +    
abdominal mammary gland 
areola +  
axillary tail of breast 
breast epithelium 
breast feather 
breast feather tract 
cervical mammary gland 
chest bone 
chest muscle +  
epithelium of mammary gland +  
inguinal mammary gland 
intercostal muscle +  
lobule of mammary gland +  
male breast 
mammary gland connective tissue +  
mammary gland smooth muscle 
mammary lobe 
mesenchyme of mammary gland +  
nipple +  
parenchyma of mammary gland 
quadrant of breast +  
skin of breast 
thoracic mammary gland +  
A lactiferous gland that is located in the thoracic region/breast.

Exact Synonyms: breast mammary gland
Broad Synonyms: lactiferous gland ;   mammary gland
Related Synonyms: anterior mammary gland
Xrefs: EHDAA2:0001056 ;   EHDAA:6524 ;   EMAPA:36633 ;   FMA:62088 ;   MA:0000797 ;   SCTID:31448001 ;   Wikipedia:Mammary_gland#Other_mammals
External Ontologys: fma_set_term FMA:57983
Definition Sources:, Wikipedia:Mammary_gland#Other_mammals

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