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thoracic cavity element (UBERON:0005178)
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viscus +    
abdominal viscera +  
aortic body 
arcuate ligament +  
chest organ +  
esophageal taste bud 
esophagus muscle +  
fibrous pericardium 
haemal node 
heart +  
intervertebral disk of thoracic vertebra 
manubrium of sternum 
mucous gland of lung 
pancreas +  
pericardial sac +  
peritoneal sac +  
rectus thoracis muscle 
retroperitoneal lymph node 
sternum +  
swim bladder +  
thoracic cavity element +  
An organ or element that is in the thoracic cavity. Examples: lung, heart, longus colli.
thoracic lymph node +  
thoracic segment bone +  
thoracic segment muscle +  
thoracic vertebra endochondral element +  
urinary bladder +  
xiphoid cartilage 

Exact Synonyms: thoracic cavity organ
Xrefs: EMAPA:37273 ;   MA:0000557
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