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abdomen +  
abdominal ganglion 
abdominal segment blood vessel +  
abdominal segment connective tissue +  
abdominal segment element +  
An organ or element that is part of the adbominal segment of the organism. This region can be further subdivided into the abdominal cavity and the pelvic region.
abdominal segment skin +  
dorsal pancreas +  
exocrine pancreas +  
inguinal part of abdomen +  
lower back +  
nerve of abdominal segment +  
pelvic region of trunk +  
pericardial muscle 
perineum +  
skeletal muscle of trunk +  
swim bladder gas gland 
thoracic segment organ +  
trunk bone +  
trunk taste bud 
ventral pancreas 
viscus +  

Exact Synonyms: abdominal segment organ
Xrefs: EMAPA:37062 ;   MA:0000529
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