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mucosa of sigmoid colon (UBERON:0004993)
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colonic mucosa +    
sigmoid colon +    
cecum mucosa +  
crypt of Lieberkuhn of colon 
lamina propria of mucosa of colon 
mucosa of ascending colon 
mucosa of descending colon 
mucosa of sigmoid colon 
A mucosa that is part of a sigmoid colon [Automatically generated definition].
mucosa of transverse colon 
muscle layer of sigmoid colon 
muscularis mucosae of colon 
submucosa of sigmoid colon 

Exact Synonyms: mucosa of organ of sigmoid colon ;   mucous membrane of sigmoid colon ;   organ mucosa of sigmoid colon ;   sigmoid colon mucosa ;   sigmoid colon mucous membrane ;   sigmoid colon organ mucosa
Xrefs: FMA:15026
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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