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urogenital sinus epithelium (UBERON:0004902)
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afferent lamellar arteriole 
amniotic ectoderm 
base of prostate 
capsule of thymus +  
central zone of prostate 
coagulating gland 
connecting stalk blood islands +  
connective tissue of prostate gland +  
coronary ligament of liver 
cortex of thymus 
distal convoluted tubule +  
distal convoluted tubule macula densa 
early distal convoluted tubule +  
efferent lamellar arteriole 
endocardium of ventricle +  
endothelium +  
endothelium of main bronchus 
endothelium of trachea 
epididymis epithelium 
epithelium of urethra +  
falciform fat 
falciform ligament +  
gall bladder serosa 
gall bladder smooth muscle 
glomerular epithelium +  
granulosa cell layer +  
Hassall's corpuscle 
heart rudiment +  
heart tube +  
hepatic duct smooth muscle 
hyoidean artery 
infundibular recess of 3rd ventricle +  
late distal convoluted tubule +  
left lung endothelium 
liver blood vessel +  
liver serosa 
lobe of prostate +  
lower respiratory tract smooth muscle +  
lung blood vessel +  
lung connective tissue +  
lung endothelium 
lung mesenchyme +  
main bronchus blood vessel 
major vestibular gland +  
male paramesonephric duct +  
mediastinal pleura 
medulla of thymus +  
mesoderm blood island 
mesonephric epithelium +  
mesothelium +  
metanephric epithelium +  
mixed ectoderm/mesoderm/endoderm-derived structure 
Mullerian tubercle 
muscle tissue of prostate +  
oviduct epithelium +  
parietal pleura +  
penis epithelium +  
peripheral zone of prostate 
pleura +  
primitive renal collecting duct system +  
pronephric duct +  
pronephric nephron tubule +  
prostate duct 
prostate epithelium +  
prostate field +  
prostate gland +  
prostate gland stroma 
prostate glandular acinus 
prostatic capsule 
proximal convoluted tubule +  
renal connecting tubule +  
respiratory primordium mesenchyme 
right atrium endocardium +  
right lung endothelium +  
round ligament of liver 
seminal vesicle epithelium 
sex cord +  
sinovaginal bulb +  
synovial membrane of synovial joint 
thymus +  
thymus corticomedullary boundary 
thymus epithelium +  
thymus lobe +  
thymus lobule +  
thymus lymphoid tissue 
thymus trabecula 
trachea blood vessel 
transition zone of prostate 
urachus epithelium 
urethra +  
urinary bladder +  
urinary bladder urothelium 
urogenital sinus epithelium +  
The fetal urogenital sinus (from which the prostate derives) is a simple cylinder of stratified basal epithelium, surrounded by mesenchyme and positioned between the embryonic bladder and pelvic urethra.
urogenital sinus lumen +  
urothelium of ureter +  
vagina +  
vaginal plate 
visceral pleura 
 prostate bud +  

Exact Synonyms: UGE ;   epithelium of urogenital sinus
Xrefs: EHDAA2:0004061 ;   EMAPA:31509
Definition Sources: PMID:18977204

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