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afferent lamellar arteriole 
alveolar system +  
anterior lateral mesoderm 
anterior lateral plate mesoderm +  
associated mesenchyme of foregut-midgut junction 
base of prostate 
blood island +  
blood-air barrier 
body-wall mesenchyme +  
capsule of thymus +  
carapacial ridge mesenchyme 
cardiac mesenchyme +  
central zone of prostate 
ceratotrichium +  
coagulating gland 
connective tissue of prostate gland +  
coronary ligament of liver 
cortex of thymus 
dense mesenchyme tissue +  
dorsal lateral plate region 
efferent lamellar arteriole 
endothelium of main bronchus 
endothelium of trachea 
epithelium of urethra +  
extraembryonic membrane mesenchyme +  
extraembryonic mesoderm +  
falciform fat 
falciform ligament +  
feather bud, dermal component +  
future dermis +  
gall bladder serosa 
gall bladder smooth muscle 
gonad mesenchyme +  
Hassall's corpuscle 
head mesenchyme +  
heart primordium +  
hepatic duct smooth muscle 
hindgut +  
hyoidean artery 
intermediate cell mass of mesoderm 
intraembryonic coelom +  
intramembranous bone +  
intramembranous bone tissue 
intrapulmonary bronchus +  
kidney mesenchyme +  
left lung +  
left lung endothelium 
limb mesenchyme +  
liver blood vessel +  
liver serosa 
lobe of lung +  
lobe of prostate +  
loose mesenchyme tissue +  
lower respiratory tract smooth muscle +  
lung blood vessel +  
lung connective tissue +  
lung endothelium 
lung epithelium +  
lung hilus +  
lung mesenchyme +  
The mass of tissue made up of mesenchymal cells in the lung.
lung parenchyma +  
lung vasculature +  
main bronchus blood vessel 
maxillary process mesenchyme +  
mediastinal pleura 
medulla of thymus +  
mesenchyme derived from neural crest +  
mesenchyme dorsal fin 
mesenchyme median fin fold 
mesenchyme of hindgut 
mesenchyme of hip +  
mesenchyme of main bronchus +  
mesenchyme of mammary gland +  
mesenchyme of shoulder +  
mesenchyme of sublingual gland primordium 
mesenchyme of umbilical cord +  
mesenchyme pectoral fin 
mesenchyme pelvic fin 
mesonephric mesenchyme +  
metanephric cortex mesenchyme +  
migrating mesenchyme population +  
mixed ectoderm/mesoderm/endoderm-derived structure 
mucous gland of lung 
muscle tissue of prostate +  
nephrogenic mesenchyme +  
optic eminence mesenchyme 
paired limb/fin field +  
paired limb/fin skeleton +  
pancreas mesenchyme 
parietal pleura +  
periocular mesenchyme 
peripheral zone of prostate 
pharyngeal arch mesenchyme from head mesenchyme +  
pleura +  
posterior lateral plate mesoderm 
primary heart field +  
proepicardium +  
prostate duct 
prostate epithelium +  
prostate field +  
prostate gland +  
prostate gland stroma 
prostate glandular acinus 
prostatic capsule 
pulmonary collagen fibril 
pulmonary lobule +  
pulmonary part of lymphatic system +  
respiratory primordium mesenchyme 
right lung +  
right lung endothelium +  
round ligament of liver 
scleral mesenchyme 
secondary heart field +  
septum transversum +  
somatic layer of lateral plate mesoderm +  
somatopleure +  
splanchnic layer of lateral plate mesoderm +  
splanchnopleure +  
spleen primordium +  
thymus +  
thymus corticomedullary boundary 
thymus epithelium +  
thymus lobe +  
thymus lobule +  
thymus lymphoid tissue 
thymus trabecula 
trachea blood vessel 
transition zone of prostate 
trunk mesenchyme +  
urethra mesenchymal layer 
urinary bladder urothelium 
urogenital sinus epithelium +  
urogenital sinus mesenchyme +  
urothelium of ureter +  
ventral mesenchyme 
visceral pleura 

Exact Synonyms: lung-associated mesenchyme ;   mesenchyme of lung ;   pulmonary mesenchyme
Xrefs: EMAPA:32866
External Ontologys: n/a NCBITaxon:9606
Definition Sources: GO:0060484

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