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broad ligament of uterus +  
coronary ligament of liver 
gastrointestinal system mesentery +  
A mesentery that is part of a digestive system [Automatically generated definition].
gut mesentery +  
mesenteric fat pad +  
mesenteric lymph node +  
mesenteric lymphatic vessel 
mesentery of foregut-midgut junction +  
mesentery of heart +  
mesentery of hindgut 
mesentery of midgut +  
mesentery of oesophagus +  
mesentery of urinary system 
mesometrium +  
peritoneal mesentery +  
serosa of intestine +  
serosa of stomach +  
suspensory ligament of ovary 

Exact Synonyms: digestive system mesentery ;   mesentery of digestive system ;   mesentery of gastrointestinal system
Xrefs: EMAPA:37068 ;   MA:0001900
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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