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paired limb/fin +    
pelvic complex +    
appendage lymph vessel +  
bone of pelvic complex +  
hindlimb bud +  
hip +  
iliac artery +  
limb +  
musculature of pelvic complex +  
paired fin +  
paired limb/fin cartilage +  
paired limb/fin segment +  
paired limb/fin skeleton +  
pectoral appendage +  
pelvic appendage +  
Paired appendage that consists of the posterior appendicular skeleton and associated soft and hard tissues, but excludes the pelvic girdle and its associated soft and hard tissues.
pelvic appendage apical ectodermal ridge +  
pelvic appendage bud ectoderm +  
pelvic appendage bud mesenchyme +  
pelvic girdle region +  
regenerating fin/limb +  
skeleton of pelvic complex +  

Exact Synonyms: hindlimb/pelvic fin ;   pelvic limb/fin ;   posterior limb/fin ;   posterior paired appendage
Broad Synonyms: posterior appendage
Alternate IDs: UBERON:0009876
Xrefs: VSAO:0000126
Definition Sources: VSAO:0000150

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