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1st arch mandibular ectoderm 
1st arch maxillary ectoderm +  
auditory meatus epithelium 
brain ventricle +  
carapacial ridge ectoderm 
cerebellar plate +  
cerebral cortex ventricular layer 
ciliated columnar epithelium +  
ciliated stratified columnar epithelium 
dental epithelium +  
dental follicle +  
ear vesicle +  
ependyma +  
The thin epithelium-like membrane composed of ependymal cells that lines the ventricular system of the brain and the spinal cord.
epithalamus ventricular layer 
epithelium of carpal region 
epithelium of duct of salivary gland 
epithelium of elbow 
epithelium of footplate +  
epithelium of forearm 
epithelium of handplate +  
epithelium of hard palate 
epithelium of hip 
epithelium of incisor +  
epithelium of knee 
epithelium of mammary gland +  
epithelium of otic placode +  
epithelium of pancreatic duct 
epithelium of shoulder 
epithelium of soft palate 
feather bud, epidermal component +  
frontonasal process epithelium +  
infundibular recess of 3rd ventricle +  
inner ear epithelium +  
insect antennal disc +  
insect clypeo-labral disc +  
insect dorsal thoracic disc +  
insect eye-antennal disc +  
insect genital disc +  
insect labial disc +  
insect mesothoracic tergum primordium +  
insect ventral thoracic disc +  
lamina terminalis of neural tube +  
lower leg epithelium 
mammary bud +  
manual digit epithelium +  
nose epithelium +  
optic stalk +  
outer epithelial layer of tympanic membrane 
pars distalis of adenohypophysis 
pedal digit epithelium +  
primary palate epithelium 
primitive olfactory epithelium +  
Rathke's pouch +  
secondary palatal shelf epithelium 
spinal cord ventricular layer +  
tela choroidea +  
upper arm epithelium 
upper leg epithelium 
ventricular system choroidal fissure 
wall of central canal of spinal cord 
wall of cerebral aqueduct 
wall of fourth ventricle 
wall of lateral ventricle 
wall of third ventricle 
wall of ventricular system of brain +  

Exact Synonyms: ependyma of neuraxis ;   ependymal epithelium
Related Synonyms: lamina epithelialis
Xrefs: BTO:0000401 ;   EMAPA:37865 ;   FMA:242791 ;   GAID:608 ;   MESH:D004805 ;   NCIT:C13078 ;   SCTID:12766003 ;   UMLS:C0014472 ;   Wikipedia:Ependyma ;
Definition Sources:, ISBN:0387949542, Wikipedia:Ependyma

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