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neural arch +    
organ subunit +    
accessory neural arch 
anatomical lobe +  
anterior segment of eyeball +  
bony part of vertebral arch +  
bronchopulmonary segment +  
cervical vertebral arch +  
chamber of eyeball +  
cloacal bursa +  
costal diaphragm 
crus of diaphragm +  
diapophysis of neural arch 
duct +  
glans +  
imbricate neural arch 
kidney calyx +  
lesser sac +  
lingula of left lung 
lobule +  
lumbar vertebral arch 
metabolic zone of liver +  
mid-dorsal keel 
neural arch 1 
neural arch 2 
neural arch 3 +  
neural arch 4 
neural arch 5 
neural spine +  
non-imbricate neural arch 
ocular surface region +  
parasagittal processes 
pedicle of vertebra 
pilosebaceous unit +  
posterior segment of eyeball +  
renal corpuscle +  
rudimentary neural arch 
sac of scrotum 
segmental subdivision of nervous system +  
skin appendage follicle +  
thoracic vertebral arch 
tooth crown +  
tooth root +  
uroneural +  
vertebra lamina 
Two broad plates directed dorsomedially from the pedicles; these fuse at the dorsal midline, and complete the dorsal wall of the vertebral foramen.
vertebral arch joint +  
vertebral arch of axis +  
vertebral arch of sacral segment 

Exact Synonyms: lamina arcus vertebrae ;   lamina of vertebra ;   lamina of vertebral arch ;   neural arch lamina
Related Synonyms: vertebral lamina
Xrefs: AAO:0000695 ;   FMA:11951 ;   MA:0002876 ;   SCTID:277423002
Definition Sources: ISBN:0-683-40008-8, MGI:csmith, MP:0004605

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