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sphincter muscle (UBERON:0004590)
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muscle organ +    
aponeurosis +  
auricular muscle +  
branchiomeric muscle +  
cloacal muscle +  
columnella muscle 
compressor glandulae muscle 
cremaster muscle 
esophagus muscle +  
eye muscle +  
eyelid muscle +  
femorothoracic muscle 
golgi tendon organ 
hypobranchial group muscle 
ilio-marsupialis muscle +  
iliothoracic muscle 
intercostal muscle +  
intermandibularis +  
intra-ocular muscle +  
levator auris longus muscle 
longus colli muscle 
mantle muscle 
muscle belly +  
muscle head +  
muscle of Aristotle's lantern 
occipitofrontalis muscle +  
oral siphon muscle 
orovelar muscle 
pennate muscle 
pericardial muscle 
pes anserinus of tibia 
pharyngeal muscle +  
pterygoideus glandulae muscle 
rectus thoracis muscle 
respiratory system muscle +  
retractor lateralis muscle +  
rotator muscle of the vertebral column 
sartorius muscle 
serratus muscle 
skeletal muscle organ +  
skin muscle +  
sphincter muscle +  
A structure, usually a circular muscle, that normally maintains constriction of a natural body passage or orifice and which relaxes as required by normal physiological functioning.
trigeminal nerve muscle +  
vasculature of muscle organ 
ventral lateral sacrocaudal muscle 
vestimentum muscle 
zygomaticomandibularis muscle 

Exact Synonyms: sphincter
Related Synonyms: circular muscle
Xrefs: FMA:75004 ;   NCIT:C28381 ;   UMLS:C1409894 ;   Wikipedia:Sphincter
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Sphincter

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