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appendage vasculature +  
axial vasculature +  
blood vasculature +  
brachiocephalic vasculature +  
capillary bed +  
connecting stalk vasculature +  
deep vasculature +  
embryonic lymph sac +  
lymph vasculature +  
A network of blunt ended vessels lacking direct connection to the blood vascular system. These vessels collect and drain fluids and macromolecules from interstitial spaces throughout the animal. They derive from a subpopulation of endothelial cells and have walls that are much thinner than the blood carrying vessels. Lymphatic vessels are usually classified as either superficial or deep.
microcirculatory vessel +  
portal system +  
pulmonary part of lymphatic system +  
pulmonary venous system +  
rete mirabile 
systemic venous system +  
tail vasculature +  
vascular plexus +  
vasculature of central nervous system plus retina +  
vasculature of head +  
vasculature of integument +  
vasculature of musculoskeletal system 
vasculature of organ +  
vasculature of trunk +  
vitelline vasculature +  

Exact Synonyms: lymphatic trunks and ducts ;   lymphatic vasculature ;   lymphatic vessel network ;   lymphatic vessels set ;   set of lymphatic vessels ;   trunci et ductus lymphatici
Related Synonyms: lymph vessels
Xrefs: FMA:63815 ;   ZFA:0005105
External Ontologys: present_in_taxon NCBITaxon:9606
Definition Sources: ZFA:0005105

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