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1st arch mandibular ectoderm 
1st arch maxillary ectoderm +  
allantois +  
amnion +  
amniotic ectoderm 
anal membrane ectodermal component +  
anal membrane endodermal component +  
blastocyst +  
brush border layer +  
cerebellar plate +  
chorioallantoic membrane 
chorion membrane +  
chorionic plate +  
embryonic skin basal layer +  
endoderm of foregut +  
endoderm of hindgut 
endoderm of midgut 
enveloping layer of ectoderm +  
epithelium of carpal region 
epithelium of footplate +  
epithelium of foregut-midgut junction +  
epithelium of handplate +  
epithelium of vomeronasal organ 
external ectoderm +  
extraembryonic endoderm 
extraembryonic epithelium +  
extraembryonic membrane mesenchyme +  
extraembryonic mesoderm +  
eye primordium +  
fetal membrane 
frontonasal process epithelium +  
future lower lip +  
future upper lip +  
lateral lingual swelling epithelium 
lower foregut region endoderm 
manual digit epithelium +  
maxillary process ectoderm +  
median lingual swelling epithelium 
mesenchyme of umbilical cord +  
nasolacrimal groove +  
notochordal plate +  
oral epithelium from ectoderm +  
pectoral appendage bud ectoderm +  
pedal digit epithelium +  
pelvic appendage bud ectoderm +  
pharyngeal ectoderm +  
placental membrane +  
simple columnar epithelium +  
simple cuboidal epithelium +  
simple squamous epithelium +  
spongiotrophoblast layer 
trophectoderm +  
Outermost layer of cells in the blastodermic vesicle, which will develop into the trophoblast layer and then contact the endometrium and take part in establishing the embryo's means of nutrition.
ultimobranchial body epithelium 
umbilical smooth muscle 
visceral endoderm +  
yolk sac +  
yolk sac endoderm 

Xrefs: BTO:0001840 ;   EHDAA2:0002091 ;   EHDAA:56 ;   EMAPA:16046 ;   VHOG:0000979
Definition Sources: MP:0005028

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