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afferent lymphatic vessel +  
anal region smooth muscle +  
appendage lymph vessel +  
arrector muscle of hair +  
arterial system smooth muscle +  
blood vessel smooth muscle +  
clitoral smooth muscle 
deep lymphatic vessel 
dura mater lymph vessel 
efferent lymphatic vessel +  
endometrial lymphatic vessel 
enteric circular muscle 
epididymis smooth muscle 
facial lymphatic vessel 
gallbladder smooth muscle 
gastrointestinal system smooth muscle +  
hepatic duct smooth muscle 
jugular lymphatic vessel 
kidney pelvis smooth muscle 
lumen of lymphatic vessel 
lymph sac of lymph heart +  
lymphatic capillary +  
lymphatic valve +  
lymphatic vessel endothelium +  
lymphatic vessel of appendix +  
lymphatic vessel of colon +  
lymphatic vessel smooth muscle +  
A portion of smooth muscle tissue that is part of a lymphatic vessel [Automatically generated definition].
mammary gland smooth muscle 
mesenteric lymphatic vessel 
mesonephric smooth muscle tissue 
metanephric smooth muscle tissue 
outflow tract smooth muscle 
oviduct smooth muscle 
pectoral lymphatic vessel 
prostate gland smooth muscle 
respiratory system lymphatic vessel +  
respiratory system smooth muscle +  
right lymphatic duct 
small intestine lymphatic vessel 
smooth muscle endomysium 
smooth muscle layer in fatty layer of subcutaneous tissue 
smooth muscle of esophagus +  
smooth muscle of eye +  
smooth muscle tissue layer of ejaculatory duct 
spleen smooth muscle 
superficial lymphatic vessel 
thoracic duct +  
umbilical smooth muscle 
ureter smooth muscle 
urethra smooth muscle layer 
urinary bladder smooth muscle +  
vagina smooth muscle 
visceral smooth muscle tissue 

Exact Synonyms: involuntary muscle of lymph vessel ;   involuntary muscle of lymphatic vessel ;   lymph vessel involuntary muscle ;   lymph vessel non-striated muscle ;   lymph vessel smooth muscle ;   lymph vessel smooth muscle tissue ;   lymphatic vessel involuntary muscle ;   lymphatic vessel non-striated muscle ;   lymphatic vessel smooth muscle tissue ;   non-striated muscle of lymph vessel ;   non-striated muscle of lymphatic vessel ;   smooth muscle of lymph vessel ;   smooth muscle of lymphatic vessel ;   smooth muscle tissue of lymph vessel ;   smooth muscle tissue of lymphatic vessel
Xrefs: EMAPA:36313 ;   FMA:262026 ;   MA:0000751 ;   NCI:C49260 ;   UMLS:C1708791
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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