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septum transversum (UBERON:0004161)
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mesenchyme +    
trunk +    
associated mesenchyme of foregut-midgut junction 
body external integument structure +  
body-wall mesenchyme +  
carapacial ridge mesenchyme 
cardiac mesenchyme +  
ceratotrichium +  
dense mesenchyme tissue +  
extraembryonic membrane mesenchyme +  
feather bud, dermal component +  
future dermis +  
gonad mesenchyme +  
hair of trunk +  
head mesenchyme +  
hindgut +  
inframammary fold 
intermammary cleft 
intramembranous bone +  
intramembranous bone tissue 
kidney mesenchyme +  
limb mesenchyme +  
line connecting laterally paired nipples 
loose mesenchyme tissue +  
lung mesenchyme +  
mammary lobe 
mammary ridge +  
maxillary process mesenchyme +  
mesenchyme derived from neural crest +  
mesenchyme dorsal fin 
mesenchyme median fin fold 
mesenchyme of hindgut 
mesenchyme of hip +  
mesenchyme of main bronchus +  
mesenchyme of mammary gland +  
mesenchyme of shoulder +  
mesenchyme of sublingual gland primordium 
mesenchyme of umbilical cord +  
mesenchyme pectoral fin 
mesenchyme pelvic fin 
mesonephric mesenchyme +  
metanephric cortex mesenchyme +  
migrating mesenchyme population +  
musculature of trunk +  
nephrogenic mesenchyme +  
nerve of trunk region +  
optic eminence mesenchyme 
pancreas mesenchyme 
periocular mesenchyme 
pharyngeal arch mesenchyme from head mesenchyme +  
proepicardium +  
respiratory primordium mesenchyme 
scleral mesenchyme 
septum transversum +  
A thick plate of mesodermal tissue that occupies the space between the thoracic cavity and yolk stalk in the early embryo, forming a transverse partition partially separating the coelomic cavity into thoracic and abdominal portions. It gives rise to the central tendon of the diaphragm[VHOG].
skin of trunk +  
spleen primordium +  
subdivision of trunk +  
trunk blood vessel +  
trunk connective tissue +  
trunk ganglion +  
trunk mesenchyme +  
trunk region element +  
trunk region of vertebral column +  
trunk somite +  
urethra mesenchymal layer 
urogenital sinus mesenchyme +  
vasculature of trunk +  
ventral mesenchyme 

Exact Synonyms: transverse septum
Xrefs: EHDAA2:0001829 ;   EHDAA:736 ;   EMAPA:16318 ;   FMA:295593 ;   NCIT:C34296 ;   SCTID:308819008 ;   UMLS:C0231004 ;   VHOG:0000019 ;   Wikipedia:Septum_transversum
Definition Sources: VHOG:0000019, Wikipedia:Septum_transversum

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