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primary heart field (UBERON:0004140)
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anlage +    
anterior lateral mesoderm 
anterior lateral plate mesoderm +  
blood island +  
cardiopharyngeal field +  
dorsal lateral plate region 
extraembryonic mesoderm +  
heart primordium +  
insect abdominal histoblast anlage +  
insect adult clypeo-labral anlage +  
insect clypeo-labral anlage +  
insect dorsal ectoderm anlage +  
insect ectoderm anlage +  
insect mesoderm anlage +  
insect presumptive arista +  
insect presumptive prothoracic metatarsus +  
insect proneural cluster 
insect trunk mesoderm anlage +  
insect visual anlage +  
intermediate cell mass of mesoderm 
intraembryonic coelom +  
kidney field +  
lung field 
lung mesenchyme +  
paired limb/fin field +  
paired limb/fin skeleton +  
pleura +  
posterior lateral plate mesoderm 
primary heart field +  
A specific region of the lateral mesoderm that will form the primary beating heart tube. In mammals the primary heart field gives rise to the left ventricle.
prostate field +  
secondary heart field +  
somatic layer of lateral plate mesoderm +  
somatopleure +  
splanchnic layer of lateral plate mesoderm +  
splanchnopleure +  

Exact Synonyms: first heart field
Related Synonyms: FHF ;   PHF ;   heart field
Xrefs: XAO:0004185
Definition Sources: GO:0003138, GOC:mtg_heart, GOC:rl

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