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face +    
anatomical line between inner canthi 
anatomical line between outer canthi 
anatomical line between pupils 
chin +  
chin ventral margin 
collection of hair on face +  
cranial midline area 
external ear +  
face +  
facial lymph node +  
facial lymphatic vessel 
facial mesenchyme +  
facial skeleton +  
facial vein +  
feathered facial disc 
forehead +  
glabella region +  
helix of outer ear 
left part of face 
midface +  
midline crest 
mouth floor 
musculature of face +  
nasolabial region 
nose +  
orbital region +  
The subdivision of the face that includes the eye (eyeball plus adnexa such as eyelids) and the orbit of the skull and associated parts of the face such as the eyebrows, if present.
periorbital region +  
periotic mesenchyme 
pinna +  
right part of face 
skin of face +  
strand of hair of face +  
temporal part of head +  
temporalis fascia 
top of head 

Exact Synonyms: content of orbital part of eye ;   eye region ;   orbital part of face
Related Synonyms: ocular and peri-ocular region ;   ocular region ;   orbital content ;   orbital part of eye
Xrefs: FMA:260119
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