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ligament +    
acetabular labrum 
anular ligament of radius 
arcuate ligament +  
articular capsule of hip joint 
basipterygium element +  
bone of pelvis 
broad ligament of uterus +  
cartilago sesamoides 
cruciate ligament of atlas 
endometrial gland +  
fused sacrum +  
iliac endochondral element +  
inguinal ligament +  
intervertebral disk of sacral vertebra 
ischial cartilage 
ischial endochondral element +  
ligament of hip joint 
ligament of middle ear +  
ligamentum flavum 
mandibulo-lacrimal ligament 
medial palpebral ligament 
muscle of pelvis +  
Nobelian rod 
nonskeletal ligament +  
palato-maxillary ligament 
palato-vomerine ligament 
pelvic girdle bone/zone +  
pelvic intercleithral cartilage 
pelvic ligament 
The dorsal sacroiliac, the sacrotuberal and/or the iliolumbar ligaments associated with the bony ring formed by the pair of hip bones fused at the symphysis and their firm articulation with the sacrum.
pelvic lymph node +  
perianal sebaceous gland 
prepubic element 
pubic endochondral element +  
puboischiadic bar 
sacral lymph node +  
sacral rib 
sacral vertebra endochondral element +  
skeletal ligament +  
triangular ligament of liver 
ureter +  
urogenital diaphragm 
uterine ligament 
vertebral arch of sacral segment 
ypsiloid cartilage 

Exact Synonyms: pelvis ligament
Xrefs: MA:0002948
Definition Sources: MP:0009807

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