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upper part of vagina (UBERON:0003974)
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fallopian tube +    
vagina +    
ampulla of uterine tube 
epithelium of vagina +  
fimbria of uterine tube 
fornix of vagina +  
isthmus of fallopian tube 
lamina propria of vagina 
lateral vaginal canal 
left uterine tube +  
lower part of vagina 
lumen of vagina 
median vaginal canal 
mucosa of uterine tube +  
mucosa of vagina +  
muscle layer of oviduct 
muscular layer of vagina 
oviduct epithelium +  
oviduct smooth muscle 
right uterine tube +  
serosa of uterine tube 
submucosa of uterine tube 
upper part of vagina 
The upper third of the vagina.
vagina orifice 
vagina sebaceous gland 
vagina smooth muscle 
vaginal hymen 
vaginal sphincter 
vaginal vein 
vaginal venous plexus 
wall of uterine tube 
wall of vagina 

Exact Synonyms: cranial vagina ;   pelvic part of vagina ;   vagina upper part
Related Synonyms: upper third of vagina ;   upper vagina
Alternate IDs: UBERON:0015242
Xrefs: EMAPA:18987 ;   FMA:27974 ;   MA:0003242 ;   SCTID:362247003
Definition Sources: MP:0009077

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