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transverse gyrus of Heschl (UBERON:0003939)
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auditory cortex +    
gyrus +    
angular gyrus +  
anterior cingulate gyrus 
cingulate gyrus +  
dorsal auditory area +  
frontal gyrus +  
fusiform gyrus +  
gyrus rectus 
inferior temporal gyrus 
left auditory cortex 
limen of insula 
medial olfactory gyrus 
middle temporal gyrus 
occipital gyrus +  
orbital gyrus +  
paracentral gyrus +  
paracentral lobule +  
parahippocampal gyrus +  
postcentral gyrus +  
posterior cingulate gyrus 
posterior parahippocampal gyrus +  
precuneus cortex 
primary auditory cortex 
right auditory cortex 
rostral gyrus +  
secondary auditory cortex 
superior temporal gyrus +  
supracallosal gyrus +  
supramarginal gyrus +  
transverse gyrus of Heschl +  
The area of the temporal lobe concerned with hearing[MP]. The transverse temporal gyri (also called Heschl's gyri or Heschl's convolutions) are found in the area of primary auditory cortex in the superior temporal gyrus of the human brain, occupying Brodmann areas 41 and 42. It is the first cortical structure to process incoming auditory information. Anatomically, the transverse temporal gyri are distinct in that they run mediolaterally (towards the center of the brain) rather than dorsiventrally (front to back) as all other temporal lobe gyri run. The Heschl's gyri are named after Richard L. Heschl.

Exact Synonyms: Heshl's gyrus ;   transverse temporal gyrus
Related Synonyms: gyri temporales transversi ;   transverse temporal cortex ;   transverse temporal gyri
Alternate IDs: UBERON:0022860
Xrefs: FMA:273671 ;   SCTID:314159008 ;   Wikipedia:Transverse_temporal_gyrus ;   birnlex:1389 ;
Definition Sources: MP:0000803, Wikipedia:Transverse_temporal_gyrus

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