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digestive tract +    
duodenum +    
endo-epithelium +    
epithelial sac +    
foregut +    
1st arch mandibular ectoderm 
1st arch mandibular endoderm +  
1st arch maxillary ectoderm +  
1st arch maxillary endoderm 
accessory lymph sac 
alveolar sac 
anal membrane endodermal component +  
anterior axial hypoblast +  
anterior ectodermal midgut 
anterior lateral mesoderm 
anterior lateral plate mesoderm +  
anterior neural keel +  
anterior neural rod +  
anterior presumptive neural plate 
arborizing epithelial duct system +  
auditory meatus epithelium 
axial hypoblast +  
bile duct epithelium +  
biliary bud +  
bronchial bud 
bulbus arteriosus outer layer 
carapacial ridge ectoderm 
carapacial ridge mesenchyme 
cardiac neural crest +  
cardiogenic splanchnic mesoderm +  
cardiopharyngeal field +  
cavity of pharynx +  
cerebellar plate +  
chordo neural hinge 
cloaca +  
cloacal epithelium +  
cranial neural crest +  
dental follicle +  
digestive tract epithelium +  
dorsal axial hypoblast 
dorsal lateral plate region 
dorsal part of pharyngeal pouch 1 
dorsal part of pharyngeal pouch 2 +  
dorsal part of pharyngeal pouch 3 +  
dorsal part of pharyngeal pouch 4 
dorsal part of pharyngeal pouch 5 
duodenal ampulla 
duodenal gland 
duodenal mucosa +  
ear vesicle +  
early pharyngeal endoderm +  
egg cylinder 
embryonic cloacal epithelium +  
embryonic lymph sac +  
endoderm of foregut +  
endoderm of hindgut 
endoderm of midgut 
endolymphatic sac +  
enteric musculature +  
entire pharyngeal arch associated mesenchyme +  
entire pharyngeal arch endoderm +  
enveloping layer of ectoderm +  
epithelium of footplate +  
epithelium of foregut-midgut junction +  
epithelium of gall bladder 
epithelium of handplate +  
epithelium of otic placode +  
epithelium of urethra +  
epithelium of vomeronasal organ 
esophagus +  
exocrine pancreas epithelium +  
external ectoderm +  
external yolk syncytial layer 
extrahepatic part of biliary bud 
eye primordium +  
falciform fat 
floor plate +  
food storage organ +  
forebrain neural keel +  
forebrain neural rod +  
forebrain neural tube 
foregut duodenum mesentery 
foregut epithelium +  
foregut region of duodenum +  
foregut-midgut junction +  
frontonasal process epithelium +  
future central tendon +  
future common hepatic duct +  
future falx cerebri +  
future hindbrain meninx +  
gastrointestinal system mucosa +  
germ layer / neural crest +  
germinal neuroepithelium +  
gland of digestive tract +  
gland of foregut +  
gut wall +  
gut-associated lymphoid tissue +  
head fold of embryonic disc 
head mesenchyme +  
head somite +  
heart tube +  
hepatic diverticulum +  
hepatic sinusoid +  
hindbrain neural keel +  
hindbrain neural rod +  
hindbrain neural tube 
infundibular recess of 3rd ventricle +  
inner epithelial layer of tympanic membrane 
insect abdominal histoblast anlage +  
insect cephalic furrow 
insect mesoderm anlage +  
insect ventral furrow 
internal yolk syncytial layer 
intrahepatic part of biliary bud 
kidney field +  
lamina terminalis of neural tube +  
laryngotracheal groove 
lateral floor plate 
lateral lingual swelling epithelium 
lateral plate mesoderm +  
lateral wall neural rod 
liver bud +  
liver primordium +  
lower foregut region endoderm 
lumen of digestive tract 
lumen of duodenum 
lung bud +  
lung epithelium +  
lung primordium +  
maxillary process ectoderm +  
maxillary process mesenchyme +  
medial floor plate 
median lingual swelling epithelium 
mesenchyme from somatopleure +  
mesenchyme from splanchnopleure +  
mesenchyme of sublingual gland primordium 
mesenchyme of submandibular gland primordium 
mesoderm blood island 
metanephric mesenchyme +  
midbrain neural keel +  
midbrain neural rod 
midbrain neural tube +  
midgut region of duodenum +  
mouth-foregut junction +  
muscle layer of duodenum 
muscular coat of digestive tract +  
nasolacrimal groove +  
neural fold +  
neural plate +  
neural tube +  
neural tube basal plate +  
neural tube mantle layer +  
neural tube ventricular layer +  
noninvoluting endocytic marginal cell cluster 
notochordal plate +  
optic eminence mesenchyme 
organizer inducing center 
otic vesicle protrusion +  
outer epithelial layer of tympanic membrane 
paired limb/fin field +  
palatoglossal arch 
pancreas dorsal primordium +  
pancreas ventral primordium +  
pancreatic epithelial bud +  
The embryonic pancreas develops from two separate anlagen in the foregut epithelium, one dorsal and two ventral pancreatic buds[PMID].
parathyroid epithelium +  
paraxial mesoderm +  
pectoral appendage bud ectoderm +  
pelvic appendage bud ectoderm +  
periampullary region of duodenum 
pericardio-peritoneal canal mesothelium +  
pharyngeal arch mesenchyme from head mesenchyme +  
pharyngeal arch mesenchyme from neural crest +  
pharyngeal ectoderm +  
pharyngeal epithelium +  
pharyngeal pouch +  
pharyngeal region of foregut +  
pharyngotympanic tube epithelium 
pleuroperitoneal canal 
pleuroperitoneal membrane 
posterior neural keel +  
posterior neural rod +  
posterior presumptive neural plate 
pre-cartilage condensation +  
pre-chordal neural plate +  
presumptive axochord +  
primary heart field +  
primitive olfactory epithelium +  
primitive streak +  
prostate epithelium +  
prostate field +  
Rathke's pouch +  
Rathkes pouch epithelium 
respiratory primordium epithelium 
respiratory tract epithelium +  
right atrium endocardium +  
roof plate +  
roof plate of diencephalon 
roof plate of medulla oblongata 
roof plate of metencephalon 
roof plate of midbrain 
roof plate of telencephalon 
roof plate spinal cord region 
ruminant forestomach +  
sacral neural crest 
secondary heart field +  
serosa of duodenum +  
sex cord +  
spinal cord neural keel 
spinal cord neural rod 
spinal cord neural tube 
spleen primordium +  
stomach +  
stomodeal ectoderm 
subdivision of digestive tract +  
submandibular gland primordium epithelium 
submucosa of digestive tract +  
submucosa of duodenum 
tail bud paraxial mesoderm 
tail fold of embryonic disc 
thymus epithelium +  
thyroid follicle epithelium 
trunk mesenchyme +  
trunk neural crest +  
tubotympanic recess epithelium 
tympanic cavity epithelium +  
ultimobranchial body epithelium 
upper digestive tract +  
ureteric bud +  
ureteric bud tip 
urothelium +  
vagal neural crest +  
ventral part of pharyngeal pouch 1 
ventral part of pharyngeal pouch 2 
ventral part of pharyngeal pouch 3 
ventral part of pharyngeal pouch 4 
ventral part of pharyngeal pouch 5 
yolk sac +  
yolk sac endoderm 

Exact Synonyms: pancreatic bud ;   pancreatic buds
Related Synonyms: pancreas epithelium ;   pancreatic anlage
Xrefs: EFO:0003470 ;   EMAPA:35645 ;   NCI:C34242 ;   SCTID:360398004 ;   TAO:0001390 ;   UMLS:C1283285 ;   Wikipedia:Pancreatic_bud ;   ZFA:0001390
Definition Sources: PMID:16417468, Wikipedia:Pancreatic_bud

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