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bursa of Fabricius (UBERON:0003903)
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anterior quadratocranial commissure +  
baleen plate +  
biliary tree +  
bone of jaw +  
bursa of Fabricius +  
An epithelial and lymphoid organ that develops as a dorsal diverticulum of the proctodeal region of the cloaca in birds. The luminal (interior) surface of the bursa is plicated with as many as 15 primary and 7 secondary plicae or folds. These plicae have hundreds of bursal follicles containing follicle-associated epithelial cells, lymphocytes, macrophages, and plasma cells. Lymphoid stem cells migrate from the fetal liver to the bursa during ontogeny. In the bursa, these stem cells acquire the characteristics of mature, immunocompetent B cells[WP]. The bursa is an organ found in birds involved in B cell differentiation[GO].
capsule of temporomandibular joint 
cloacal muscle +  
depressor labii inferioris 
digestive system gland +  
disk of temporomandibular joint 
epibranchial organ 
epiglottic cartilage 
epigonal organ 
esophageal taste bud 
esophagus +  
esophagus muscle +  
ethmo-palatine cartilage 
food storage organ +  
future tongue +  
gall bladder +  
gastrointestinal sphincter +  
gland of digestive tract +  
haemal node 
head kidney +  
hepatoduodenal ligament 
hepatogastric ligament 
infrarostral cartilage +  
interrenal gland 
labial cartilage 
large intestine +  
Leydig's organ +  
ligament of liver +  
ligament of temporomandibular joint 
lip taste bud 
lunge feeding organ +  
Meckel's cartilage +  
mentalis muscle 
muscle of Aristotle's lantern 
otic ligament 
palatal muscle +  
palatal taste bud 
palatoquadrate cartilage +  
periarterial lymphatic sheath 
Peyer's patch T cell area 
pharyngeal bar 
pharyngeal slit 
pharyngeal taste bud 
Reichert's cartilage +  
rostral cartilage 
salpingopharyngeus muscle 
small intestine +  
spleen +  
stylopharyngeus muscle 
supraneural body 
suprarostral cartilage +  
thymus +  
tongue +  
tongue muscle +  
tongue taste bud 
tooth of lower jaw +  
tooth of upper jaw +  
triangular ligament of liver 
velar vocal fold 
vermiform appendix +  
Y-shaped fibrocartilage skeleton of ventral pouch +  
 bursal plica +  

Xrefs: BTO:0001699 ;   GAID:1205 ;   MESH:D002060 ;   SCTID:86689007 ;   Wikipedia:Bursa_of_Fabricius
Definition Sources: GO:0048540, Wikipedia:Bursa_of_Fabricius

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