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abdomen +    
anatomical wall +    
abdomen blood vessel +  
abdomen connective tissue +  
abdomen element +  
abdomen musculature +  
abdomen nerve 
abdominal wall +  
The tissues that surround the organs that are present within the abdominal cavity. The abdominal wall tissue is composed of layers of fat, parietal peritoneum, fascia, and muscles.
accessory lymph sac 
alveolar wall +  
ascitic fluid 
celiac nerve plexus 
chest wall 
conjunctiva +  
extraperitoneal space +  
gut wall +  
hypogastrium +  
lateral lumbar region of abdomen +  
medial umbilical ligament 
membrana tympaniformis +  
organ component layer +  
pelvic wall 
posterior wall of the glottis 
pudendal venous plexus 
remnant of urachus 
septum of scrotum 
serous membrane +  
skin of abdomen +  
thoracic wall 
uterine wall +  
wall of blood vessel +  
wall of central canal of spinal cord 
wall of eyeball 
wall of heart +  
wall of lacrimal duct 
wall of membranous labyrinth 
wall of orbit 
wall of pharyngotympanic tube 
wall of synovial tendon sheath 
wall of ureter +  
wall of urethra +  
wall of urinary bladder +  
wall of uterine tube 
wall of vagina 
wall of ventricular system of brain +  

Exact Synonyms: wall of abdomen ;   wall of abdomen proper
Related Synonyms: abdominal wall proper ;   layers of the abdominal wall ;   paries abdominalis
Xrefs: EMAPA:37064 ;   FMA:10429 ;   FMA:259054 ;   GAID:26 ;   MESH:D034861 ;   NCI:C77608 ;   SCTID:181613000 ;   UMLS:C0836916 ;   Wikipedia:Abdominal_wall
Definition Sources: ncithesaurus:Abdominal_Wall

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