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anatomical row +  
articular system +  
bony shelf above orbit 
braincase and auditory apparatus +  
collection of feathers +  
collection of hairs +  
composite part spanning multiple base regional parts of brain +  
cranial cartilage +  
craniofacial suture +  
dentition +  
A collection of teeth arranged in some pattern in the mouth or other part of the body. The arrangement may be a simple row, a collection of rows, or a more elaborate structure, such as a toooth whorl.
larval chondrocranium +  
laryngeal joint +  
meningeal cluster +  
pair of lungs +  
pair of nares 
postparietal shield 
primary subdivision of cranial skeletal system +  
skeleton +  
skull +  

Exact Synonyms: dentes ;   set of teeth ;   teeth set
Related Synonyms: collection of teeth ;   teeth
Xrefs: AAO:0000126 ;   FMA:75150 ;   GAID:1249 ;   MESH:D003817 ;   NCI:C13072 ;   SCTID:245543004 ;   UMLS:C0011443
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