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aorta tunica intima (UBERON:0003619)
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aorta +    
aorta wall +    
tunica intima +    
aorta elastic tissue 
aorta endothelium 
aorta smooth muscle tissue 
aorta tunica adventitia +  
aorta tunica intima 
The innermost layer of the aorta, containing the endothelium and an inner elastic membrane.
aorta tunica media 
aorta wall +  
blood vessel internal elastic membrane 
common dorsal aorta +  
descending aorta +  
dorsal aorta +  
dorsal lateral plate region 
endocardium +  
larval aorta 
left dorsal aorta +  
mucosa of major calyx +  
mucosa of minor calyx 
outflow tract aortic component +  
right dorsal aorta +  
section of aorta +  
tunica adventitia of blood vessel +  
tunica intima of artery 
tunica intima of vein 
tunica media +  
ventral aorta +  

Exact Synonyms: adult aorta tunica intima ;   dorsal aorta tunica intima ;   trunk of aortic tree tunica intima ;   tunica intima of adult aorta ;   tunica intima of aorta ;   tunica intima of dorsal aorta ;   tunica intima of trunk of aortic tree
Xrefs: BTO:0005553 ;   EMAPA:35137 ;   FMA:74419 ;   MA:0002904 ;   SCTID:362031007
Definition Sources: MP:0009872

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