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camera-type eye +    
eye gland +    
skin gland +    
canthus +  
central retinal vein 
chamber of eyeball +  
conjunctival sac +  
corneal primordium +  
corneo-scleral junction 
epidermis gland +  
eye epithelium +  
eye mesenchyme +  
eye muscle +  
eye skin gland +  
A skin gland that is part of a camera-type eye [Automatically generated definition].
eyeball of camera-type eye +  
eyelid +  
eyelid gland +  
Harderian gland +  
lacrimal gland +  
lateral gland of orbital region +  
medial gland of ocular region +  
ocular refractive media +  
ocular surface region +  
palpebral fissure 
perioptic mesenchyme 
scleral skeletal element +  
skeletal muscle tissue of eye +  
skin apocrine gland 
skin scent gland +  
smooth muscle of eye +  
suspensory ligament of lens 
vasculature of eye +  

Exact Synonyms: camera-type eye skin gland ;   camera-type eye skin glands ;   camera-type eye skin glands set ;   skin gland of camera-type eye ;   skin gland of vertebrate eye ;   skin glands of camera-type eye ;   skin glands of vertebrate eye ;   skin glands set of camera-type eye ;   skin glands set of vertebrate eye ;   vertebrate eye skin gland ;   vertebrate eye skin glands ;   vertebrate eye skin glands set
Xrefs: EMAPA:37530 ;   MA:0002451
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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