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hip connective tissue (UBERON:0003576)
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hip +    
back connective tissue 
dense connective tissue +  
dermis connective tissue +  
elastic tissue +  
enthesis +  
epithelium of hip 
granulation tissue 
head connective tissue +  
hip connective tissue 
A portion of connective tissue that is part of a hip [Automatically generated definition].
hip joint +  
hip joint primordium +  
hip muscle 
inner chondrogenic layer of perichondrium 
innominate bone +  
interlobar duct 
interlobular duct +  
irregular connective tissue +  
limb connective tissue +  
mammary gland connective tissue +  
mesenchyme of hip +  
mylohyoid raphe 
neck connective tissue +  
nucleus pulposus 
outer fibrous layer of perichondrium 
perichondrium +  
perichordal ring 
perichordal tissue +  
regular connective tissue +  
respiratory system connective tissue +  
Sharpey's fiber 
shoulder connective tissue +  
skeletal muscle connective tissue 
skeletal tissue +  
skin of hip 
specialized connective tissue 
tail connective tissue +  
thoracic cavity connective tissue +  
trunk connective tissue +  
vacuolated notochordal tissue 

Exact Synonyms: connective tissue of hip ;   connective tissue of hip region ;   connective tissue of regio coxae
Xrefs: EMAPA:37323 ;   MA:0000656
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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