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respiratory system capillary (UBERON:0003526)
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capillary of anorectum 
capillary of brain 
capillary of colon 
capillary of small intestine 
capillary system of liver 
continuous capillary 
coronary capillary 
endothelium of capillary +  
fenestrated capillary +  
kidney capillary +  
lung blood vessel +  
main bronchus blood vessel 
respiratory system arterial blood vessel +  
respiratory system blood vessel endothelium +  
respiratory system blood vessel smooth muscle +  
respiratory system capillary +  
A capillary that is part of a respiratory system [Automatically generated definition].
respiratory system venule 
trachea blood vessel 
vasculature of respiratory integument 

Exact Synonyms: apparatus respiratorius blood capillary ;   apparatus respiratorius capillary ;   apparatus respiratorius capillary vessel ;   blood capillary of apparatus respiratorius ;   blood capillary of respiratory system ;   capillary of apparatus respiratorius ;   capillary of respiratory system ;   capillary vessel of apparatus respiratorius ;   capillary vessel of respiratory system ;   respiratory system blood capillary ;   respiratory system capillary vessel
Xrefs: EMAPA:37574 ;   MA:0001807
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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