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pelvis blood vessel (UBERON:0003520)
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abdomen blood vessel +  
deep artery of clitoris 
deep artery of penis 
dorsal artery of clitoris 
dorsal artery of penis 
fallopian tube +  
femoral canal 
gluteal sulcus 
inferior rectal artery 
intergluteal cleft 
internal pudendal artery 
ovarian fossa 
pelvic girdle region +  
pelvic region element +  
pelvis blood vessel +  
A blood vessel that is part of a pelvis [Automatically generated definition].
pelvis connective tissue 
pelvis nerve +  
penile bulb artery 
perineal artery 
posterior labial artery 
sacral region +  
skin of pelvis +  
vesical venous plexus 
vestibular bulb artery 

Exact Synonyms: blood vessel of pelvis
Xrefs: EMAPA:37244 ;   MA:0000531
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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