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gland of digestive tract (UBERON:0003408)
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digestive tract +    
gland +    
alveolar gland 
anterior ectodermal midgut 
anterior quadratocranial commissure +  
ascidian neural complex +  
baleen plate +  
biliary tree +  
bone of jaw +  
bursa of Fabricius +  
capsule of temporomandibular joint 
cloaca +  
cloacal muscle +  
depressor labii inferioris 
digestive system gland +  
digestive tract epithelium +  
disk of temporomandibular joint 
embryonic cement gland 
endocrine gland +  
enteric musculature +  
epibranchial organ 
epiglottic cartilage 
esophageal taste bud 
esophagus +  
esophagus muscle +  
ethmo-palatine cartilage 
excretory gland +  
exocrine gland +  
eye gland +  
food storage organ +  
foregut-midgut junction +  
future tongue +  
gallbladder +  
gastrointestinal sphincter +  
gastrointestinal system mucosa +  
gland of diencephalon +  
gland of digestive tract +  
A gland that is part of a digestive tract [Automatically generated definition].
gland of integumental system +  
gland of ocular region +  
glandular acinus +  
granular gland 
gular gland 
gut wall +  
gut-associated lymphoid tissue +  
hatching gland 
hemolymphoid system gland +  
hepatoduodenal ligament 
hepatogastric ligament 
infrarostral cartilage +  
intermaxillary gland (sensu Osteolepiformes) 
labial cartilage 
large intestine +  
ligament of liver +  
ligament of temporomandibular joint 
lip taste bud 
lumen of digestive tract 
lunge feeding organ +  
Meckel's cartilage +  
mentalis muscle 
mouth-foregut junction +  
muscle of Aristotle's lantern 
muscular coat of digestive tract +  
nematode pharynx 
otic ligament 
palatal muscle +  
palatal taste bud 
palatoglossal arch 
palatoquadrate cartilage +  
pancreatic epithelial bud +  
parotoid gland 
periarterial lymphatic sheath 
Peyer's patch T cell area 
pharyngeal bar 
pharyngeal slit 
pharyngeal taste bud 
pterygopodial gland 
Reichert's cartilage +  
reproductive gland +  
respiratory system gland +  
rostral cartilage 
salpingopharyngeus muscle 
salt gland +  
small intestine +  
spleen +  
stomatodeum gland 
stylopharyngeus muscle 
subdivision of digestive tract +  
submucosa of digestive tract +  
suprarostral cartilage +  
swim bladder gas gland 
tongue +  
tongue muscle +  
tongue taste bud 
tooth of lower jaw +  
tooth of upper jaw +  
triangular ligament of liver 
velar vocal fold 
vermiform appendix +  
Y-shaped fibrocartilage skeleton of ventral pouch +  

Exact Synonyms: digestive tract gland ;   gland of lower gastrointestinal tract ;   gut gland ;   lower gastrointestinal tract gland
Xrefs: EMAPA:18815 ;   MA:0003202
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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