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ganglion +    
abdominal ganglion of visceral hump 
autonomic nervous system +  
cranial ganglion +  
endoneurium +  
epibranchial placode +  
ganglion of central nervous system +  
ganglion of peripheral nervous system +  
A spatially aggregated collection of nerve cell bodies in the PNS, consisting of one or more subpopulations that share cell type, chemical phenotype, and connections. (CUMBO).
ganglion part of peripheral nervous system 
gastropod cerebral ganglion 
Grueneberg ganglion 
nerve +  
parietal ganglion 
pedal ganglion 
pleural ganglion 
sensory epithelium +  
sensory ganglion +  
sheath of Schwann 
somatic nervous system +  
trunk ganglion +  

Exact Synonyms: peripheral nervous system ganglion
Xrefs: BTO:0001123 ;   EMAPA:32814 ;   MA:0001161 ;   birnlex:2548
Definition Sources: BIRNLEX:2548

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