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colon +    
arteriole of colon 
caecum +  
capillary of colon 
colic flexure +  
colon smooth muscle circular layer 
colon smooth muscle longitudinal layer 
colonic epithelium +  
colonic mucosa +  
left colon 
lumen of colon 
lymphatic vessel of colon +  
muscle layer of colon +  
myenteric nerve plexus of colon 
proximal-distal subdivision of colon +  
right colon 
serosa of appendix +  
serosa of colon +  
A serous membrane that is part of a colon [Automatically generated definition].
serosa of rectum +  
submucosa of colon +  
submucous nerve plexus of colon 
venule of colon 

Exact Synonyms: colon serosa ;   colon serous membrane ;   colonic serosa ;   large bowel serosa ;   large bowel serous membrane ;   serosa of large bowel ;   serous membrane of colon ;   serous membrane of large bowel ;   visceral peritoneum of colon
Xrefs: EMAPA:27387 ;   FMA:14990 ;   MA:0003199 ;   SCTID:90132000
External Ontologys: n/a NCBITaxon:9606
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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