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submucosa of rectum (UBERON:0003330)
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rectum +    
epithelium of rectum 
mucosa of rectum +  
muscle layer of rectum 
rectal lumen 
rectal salt gland 
rectal valve 
rectum smooth muscle tissue +  
serosa of rectum +  
submucosa of anal canal 
submucosa of appendix 
submucosa of colon +  
submucosa of rectum 
The submucous layer of the wall of the rectum.
transverse fold of rectum 
transverse folds of rectum 

Exact Synonyms: rectal submucosa ;   rectum submucosa ;   tela submucosa recti
Xrefs: BTO:0002114 ;   EMAPA:27083 ;   FMA:15034 ;   SCTID:71683001
Definition Sources: BTO:0002114

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