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equine glandular stomach 
forestomach-glandular stomach junction 
gastroduodenal junction +  
gizzard +  
mesentery of colon +  
mesentery of rectum 
mesentery of small intestine +  
mesentery of stomach +  
The portion of the primitive mesentery that encloses the stomach; from its dorsal sheet, the greater omentum develops, and from its ventral sheet, the lesser omentum.
ruminant stomach +  
wall of stomach +  
zone of stomach +  

Exact Synonyms: mesentery of ventriculus ;   mesogaster ;   mesogastium ;   mesogastrium ;   stomach mesentery ;   ventriculus mesentery
Xrefs: EHDAA2:0001922 ;   EHDAA:2999 ;   EMAPA:17024 ;   MA:0001617 ;   SCTID:261623000 ;   VHOG:0000358
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