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appendix testis 
bone of reproductive organ +  
cremaster muscle 
duct of male reproductive system +  
external genitalia +  
female reproductive organ +  
glans +  
gonad +  
gubernaculum testis +  
haemolymphatic fluid-testis barrier +  
internal genitalia +  
male bulbospongiosus muscle 
male external urethral sphincter 
male inguinal canal +  
male paramesonephric duct +  
male reproductive gland +  
male reproductive organ +  
A male organ involved in reproduction.
prepuce +  
tunica albuginea +  

Exact Synonyms: male organism reproductive organ ;   male organism reproductive structure ;   male organism reproductive system organ ;   male organism sex organ ;   male reproductive gland/organ ;   male reproductive system organ ;   male sex organ ;   reproductive organ of male organism ;   reproductive structure of male organism ;   reproductive system organ of male organism ;   sex organ of male organism
Related Synonyms: male genital
Xrefs: MA:0000545 ;   WBbt:0008423
Definition Sources: UBERON:xp

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