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male organism (UBERON:0003101)
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adult organism +  
anatomical group +  
anatomical system +  
appendage girdle complex +  
body of tubeworm +  
brain +  
embryo +  
epigonal organ 
female organism +  
Hatschek's left diverticulum +  
Hatschek's right diverticulum 
hermaphroditic organism +  
integument +  
integumental system +  
kidney +  
larva +  
left anterior cardinal vein 
left common iliac artery 
left external ear 
left extraembryonic umbilical vein 
left eye +  
left kidney +  
left lymph heart 
left ovary 
left pelvic girdle region +  
left posterior cardinal vein 
left recurrent laryngeal nerve 
left subcardinal vein 
left subclavian artery 
left subcostal vein 
left suprarenal vein 
left testicular vein 
left umbilical vein +  
left ureter +  
left uterine tube +  
left vitelline vein 
male organism +  
Gonochoristic organism that can produce male gametes.
median fin +  
morphological feature +  
organism subdivision +  
organism substance +  
outer epithelium +  
ovarian vein 
pectoral girdle region +  
pharate adult 
post-embryonic organism +  
prepupa +  
primordium +  
pupa +  
regenerating anatomical structure +  
right anterior cardinal vein 
right common iliac artery 
right external ear 
right extraembryonic umbilical vein 
right eye +  
right kidney +  
right lymph heart 
right ovary 
right pelvic girdle region +  
right posterior cardinal vein 
right recurrent laryngeal nerve 
right subcardinal vein 
right subclavian artery 
right subcostal vein 
right suprarenal vein 
right testicular vein 
right umbilical vein 
right ureter +  
right uterine tube +  
right vitelline vein 
sexually immature organism 
testicular vein +  
tissue +  
tunicate tunic 
ureter +  

Narrow Synonyms: male human body
Related Synonyms: male
Xrefs: AAO:0010033 ;   BILA:0000027 ;   CARO:0000027 ;   FBbt:00007004 ;   FMA:67811 ;   HAO:0000027 ;   TAO:0000242 ;   TGMA:0001838 ;   WBbt:0007850 ;   XAO:0003006 ;   ZFA:0000242 ;   http://www.snomedbrowser.com/Codes/Details/362609003
Definition Sources: CARO:0000027

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