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acellular bone tissue 
acinus of olfactory gland 
adenohypophysis +  
adrenal/interrenal gland +  
airway submucosal gland +  
alveolar atrium 
alveolar pore 
alveolar system +  
alveolar wall +  
alveolus of lung +  
arthropod neurohemal organ +  
articular process 
aryepiglottic fold 
arytenoid swellings +  
basal cell layer of urothelium 
bifurcation of trachea 
bile duct +  
biliary ductule 
biliary tree +  
blood-air barrier 
body of gallbladder 
bone condensation 
branchiostegal membrane 
bronchial lymph node 
bronchial mucosa +  
bronchial process 
bronchial submucosal gland ciliated duct 
bronchial-associated lymphoid tissue 
bronchopulmonary segment +  
bronchus basal lamina 
bronchus basement membrane +  
bronchus reticular lamina 
calcareous tooth +  
camera-type eye +  
capsule of liver 
capsule of thyroid gland 
cartilage of external acoustic meatus 
cartilaginous external acoustic tube 
cellular bone tissue 
chorioretinal region +  
ciliary muscle 
corpus allatum 
corpus luteum 
corpuscles of Stannius 
cranial neural crest +  
cricopharyngeus muscle 
dermis +  
diencephalon +  
digestive system gland +  
distal part of styloid process of temporal bone 
dorsal pancreas +  
duct of olfactory gland 
ductal plate 
ear +  
Eimer's organ 
elasmoid scale +  
endo-epithelium +  
endocrine pancreas +  
endodermal part of digestive tract +  
esophageal process 
exocrine pancreas +  
external acoustic meatus +  
external acoustic meatus osseus part 
extrapancreatic duct 
facial nerve +  
fibroelastic membrane of larynx 
foramen cecum of tongue 
fundus of gallbladder 
gallbladder +  
gallbladder lamina propria 
gill lamella +  
gland of nasal mucosa +  
glial limiting membrane 
glottis +  
gustatory pore 
hair follicle matrix region 
head of pancreas +  
heart +  
hepatic acinus +  
hepatic cord +  
horn of thyroid cartilage +  
hyoid bone lesser horn 
incisor region of dentition 
inferior parathyroid gland +  
infundibulum of gallbladder 
inner cambium layer of periosteum 
inner limiting layer of retina 
interalveolar septum 
islet of Langerhans 
isthmus of thyroid gland 
jaw region +  
lamina propria of bronchus 
laryngeal apparatus +  
laryngeal associated mesenchyme +  
laryngeal cartilage +  
laryngeal pre-cartilage condensation +  
laryngeal prominence 
laryngeal ventricle 
laryngeal vocal fold +  
larynx connective tissue +  
larynx mucous gland 
larynx submucosa +  
larynx submucosa gland 
lateral process of cricoid cartilage 
lateral wall of nasopharynx 
lateral wall of oropharynx 
left lung alveolar system +  
ligament of larynx +  
ligament of liver +  
lingula of left lung 
liver +  
liver lobule +  
liver papillary process 
liver parenchyma +  
liver reticuloendothelial system 
liver stroma +  
liver subserosa 
liver trabecula 
lobar bronchus alveolar system 
lobe of liver +  
lobe of lung +  
lower jaw region +  
lower respiratory tract cartilage +  
lower respiratory tract connective tissue +  
lung +  
lung field 
lung parenchyma +  
lung saccule 
membrana tympaniformis +  
mesenchyme of main bronchus +  
mesenchyme of trachea +  
metabolic zone of liver +  
midbrain +  
mixed endoderm/mesoderm-derived structure +  
mucosa of biliary tree +  
mucosa of bronchiole +  
mucosa of gallbladder +  
mucosa of larynx +  
mucosa of nasopharynx 
mucosa of oropharynx 
mucous gland of lung 
muscle of larynx +  
musculature of larynx +  
nasal cavity mucosa +  
nasal tentacle 
nasal-associated lymphoid tissue +  
nasopharyngeal gland 
nasopharynx connective tissue 
neck of gallbladder 
neural crest +  
neural crest-derived structure +  
neuroendocrine gland +  
odontode scale 
oronasal membrane 
oropharyngeal gland 
oropharynx +  
palatine tonsil 
pancreas head parenchyma 
pancreas tail parenchyma 
pancreatic acinus 
pancreatic duct +  
pancreatic lobule +  
parasympathetic nervous system +  
parathyroid epithelium +  
parathyroid gland +  
parenchyma of thyroid gland 
periocular mesenchyme 
pharyngeal arch +  
pharyngeal arch artery +  
pharyngeal arch derived gill +  
pharyngeal gill precursor +  
pharyngeal pouch 1 +  
pharyngeal pouch 2 +  
pharyngeal pouch 3 +  
pharyngeal pouch 4 +  
pharyngeal pouch 5 +  
pharyngeal pouch 6 
pharyngeal pouches 2-6 
pharyngeal slit 
pituitary gland +  
pleural sac +  
portal lobule 
portal triad +  
post-anal gut 
posterior wall of nasopharynx 
posterior wall of oropharynx 
posterior wall of the glottis 
prominentia apicalis dorsalis 
prominentia apicalis ventralis 
proximo-distal subdivision of respiratory tract +  
pulmonary collagen fibril 
pulmonary lobule +  
pulmonary lymphatic vessel 
pulmonary neuroendocrine body 
pulmonary part of lymphatic system +  
Reichert's cartilage +  
respiratory tract +  
respiratory tube +  
retrocerebral complex +  
right lung alveolar system +  
roof of nasopharynx 
septal organ of Masera 
skull +  
sphincter of hepatopancreatic ampulla 
spinal cord +  
spiral valve of cystic duct 
stapes base 
stapes bone +  
stratum basale of epidermis +  
stria vascularis of cochlear duct +  
stroma of thyroid gland 
stylohyoid ligament 
styloid process of temporal bone +  
submucosa of biliary tree +  
submucosa of bronchiole 
submucosa of bronchus +  
submucosa of trachea +  
syrinx organ +  
tail of pancreas +  
taste bud +  
thymus +  
thymus primordium endoderm 
thymus subunit +  
thyroglossal duct 
thyroid follicle +  
thyroid gland +  
thyroid gland medulla 
thyroid primordium +  
thyroid primordium endoderm 
thyropharyngeus muscle 
trachea basement membrane +  
trachea reticular lamina 
tracheal submucosal gland ciliated duct 
tracheobronchial lymph node +  
tracheobronchial tree +  
triangular ligament of liver 
trunk neural crest +  
tunica fibrosa of eyeball +  
ultimobranchial body +  
An outpocketing of one of the caudal pharyngeal pouches that is comprised on calcitonin-producing parafollicular cells.
uncinate process of pancreas 
upper jaw region +  
upper respiratory conduit +  
uvea +  
vagus nerve +  
ventral liver lobe 
ventral pancreas 
visceral endoderm +  
vomerine dentition +  
wall of gallbladder 

Exact Synonyms: corpus ultimopharyngeum ;   ultimobranchial gland ;   ultimopharyngeal body ;   ultimopharyngeal gland
Related Synonyms: postbranchial body ;   telobranchial body ;   telopharyngeal body ;   ultimobranchial ;   ultimobranchial bodies
Xrefs: AAO:0010547 ;   EHDAA2:0002103 ;   EHDAA:2987 ;   EHDAA:9139 ;   EMAPA:36030 ;   GAID:1246 ;   MESH:D014460 ;   SCTID:345552007 ;   TAO:0001448 ;   VHOG:0001185 ;   Wikipedia:Ultimopharyngeal_body ;   XAO:0000452 ;   ZFA:0001448
Definition Sources: ISBN:0073040584, MP:0003955, Wikipedia:Ultimopharyngeal_body

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