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ear +    
anterior lateral line placode +  
auditory bulla +  
ear epithelium +  
external ear +  
internal ear +  
lateral line placode +  
left ear 
middle ear +  
middle lateral line placode 
otic opercular element 
otic placode +  
A cranial placode which, once specified, invaginates to form an otic cup, which eventually separates from the surface ectoderm to form the otic vesicle or otocyst, a rounded structure without appar- ent polarity. As the otic placode invaginates into a cup neuroblasts delaminate from the anterior ventral aspect of the otic epithelium to give rise to neurons of the vestibulocochlear (statoacoustic) ganglion of cranial nerve VIII[NBK].
posterior lateral line placode +  
right ear 
trigeminal placode complex +  

Exact Synonyms: placoda otica
Related Synonyms: auditory placode ;   ear placode ;   ear/otic placode ;   octaval VIII placode ;   octaval placode
Xrefs: AAO:0011079 ;   EFO:0003429 ;   EHDAA2:0001339 ;   EHDAA:506 ;   EMAPA:16195 ;   FMA:293973 ;   NCIT:C34239 ;   Otic:placode ;   TAO:0000138 ;   UMLS:C1518677 ;   VHOG:0000235 ;   XAO:0000223 ;   ZFA:0000138 ;
Definition Sources:, NCBIBook:NBK53175

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