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anterior lateral mesoderm 
anterior lateral plate mesoderm +  
blood island +  
Blood islands are structures in the developing embryo which lead to many different parts of the circulatory system. They primarily derive from plexuses formed from angioblasts. Within them, vacuoles appear through liquefaction of the central part of the syncytium into plasma. The lumen of the blood vessels thus formed is probably intracellular. The flattened cells at the periphery form the endothelium. The nucleated red blood corpuscles develop either from small masses of the original angioblast left attached to the inner wall of the lumen or directly from the flat endothelial cells. In either case the syncytial mass thus formed projects from and is attached to the wall of the vessel. Such a mass is known as a blood island and hemoglobin gradually accumulates within it. Later the cells on the surface round up, giving the mass a mulberry-like appearance. Then the red blood cells break loose and are carried away in the plasma. Such free blood cells continue to divide. Blood islands have been seen in the area vasculosa in the omphalomesenteric vein and arteries, and in the dorsal aorta[WP, unvetted].
carapace primordium +  
carpus cartilage element +  
carpus pre-cartilage condensation +  
dorsal lateral plate region 
dorsal mesentery +  
ear vesicle +  
embryonic autopod plate +  
embryonic uterus +  
endolymphatic appendage +  
extraembryonic mesoderm +  
eye primordium +  
future brain +  
future cardiac atrium +  
future cardiac ventricle +  
future central nervous system +  
future central tendon +  
future diaphragm +  
future diencephalon +  
future dorsal motor nucleus of vagus +  
future falx cerebri +  
future forebrain +  
future meninx +  
future metencephalon +  
future myelencephalon +  
future nervous system +  
future neurohypophysis +  
future pituitary gland +  
future spinal cord +  
future telencephalon +  
gallbladder primordium +  
heart primordium +  
intermediate cell mass of mesoderm 
intraembryonic coelom +  
kidney field +  
knee joint primordium +  
lens placode +  
liver primordium +  
lung mesenchyme +  
mammary ridge +  
Meckel's cartilage pre-cartilage condensation +  
metanephric mesenchyme +  
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural plate +  
optic eminence +  
paired limb/fin bud +  
paired limb/fin field +  
paired limb/fin skeleton +  
pancreas dorsal primordium +  
pancreas primordium +  
pancreas ventral primordium +  
pectoral appendage field +  
pelvic appendage field +  
pharyngeal arch artery +  
pleura +  
posterior lateral plate mesoderm 
presomitic mesoderm +  
presumptive atrioventricular canal +  
presumptive blood +  
presumptive bulbus arteriosus +  
presumptive ectoderm +  
presumptive endocardium +  
presumptive endoderm +  
presumptive enteric nervous system 
presumptive floor plate +  
presumptive forebrain midbrain boundary +  
presumptive ganglion +  
presumptive gut +  
presumptive hindbrain +  
presumptive hypochord +  
presumptive median fin fold +  
presumptive mesoderm +  
presumptive midbrain +  
presumptive midbrain hindbrain boundary +  
presumptive neural retina +  
presumptive paraxial mesoderm +  
presumptive pronephric mesoderm +  
presumptive retinal pigmented epithelium +  
presumptive rhombomere 1 +  
presumptive rhombomere 2 +  
presumptive rhombomere 3 +  
presumptive rhombomere 4 +  
presumptive rhombomere 5 +  
presumptive rhombomere 6 +  
presumptive rhombomere 7 +  
presumptive rhombomere 8 +  
presumptive segmental plate +  
presumptive shield +  
presumptive sinus venosus +  
primary heart field +  
pronephric mesoderm +  
prostate field +  
rhombic lip +  
salivary gland primordium +  
sebaceous gland placode +  
secondary heart field +  
skin appendage placode +  
somatic layer of lateral plate mesoderm +  
somatopleure +  
splanchnic layer of lateral plate mesoderm +  
splanchnopleure +  
sweat gland placode +  
swim bladder bud +  
tetrapod parietal bone primordium 
tooth placode +  
urogenital fold +  

Exact Synonyms: blood islands
Broad Synonyms: ventral lateral plate mesoderm
Related Synonyms: VBI ;   caudal hematopoietic tissue ;   posterior ICM ;   posterior blood island ;   ventral blood island
Xrefs: AAO:0011006 ;   EFO:0003489 ;   EHDAA:207 ;   NCI:C34113 ;   TAO:0000094 ;   TE:E5. ;   UMLS:C1511224 ;   VHOG:0000085 ;   Wikipedia:Blood_island_of_umbilical_vesicle ;   XAO:0000067 ;   ZFA:0000094
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Blood_island_of_umbilical_vesicle

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